Why do I need mortgage advice?

If you are a self-sufficient person, you may be used to keeping your own counsel about most areas of your life. But when it comes to mortgage advice, you may wish to seek the services of a Professional Mortgage Adviser because:

  • Independent Financial Advisers are specialists with detailed knowledge about mortgages;
  • a firm of Advisers may have more bargaining power for getting a good deal than an individual;
  • Professional Mortgage Advisers frequently have access to exclusive mortgage products that are not available to the general public;
  • using an Adviser means that you can benefit from their experience;
  • a third party point of view may help; and
  • you may even get mortgage advice for free.

Mortgages are a technical subject
Keeping abreast of the mortgage market is a full time job. New products come along all the time and Independent Financial Advisers spend a lot of their time every day getting to grips with them.

But it is not just mortgage products that may change. Mortgage Advisers keep themselves up to date with new industry practices and amendments in the law.

A matter of experience
How many mortgages have you arranged? Even if you have been able to build up a portfolio of properties, you will only have arranged a small portion of the number of mortgages arranged by a Financial Adviser – particularly one who has been in the business for decades like we have.

By getting professional mortgage advice from us you are also getting the benefit of our experience – whether that means that we know which products may suit you, or that we know the Banks and Building Societies inside out and how best to get them to offer what you need.

Two heads are better than one
Or in this case, two brains. Have you ever been set on a particular course of action, only to find that someone with a fresh perspective can conjure up a better idea? Even if you are certain that you have chosen the right mortgage for you, you may find that advice from a Financial Professional may help.

Why get mortgage advice from Mortgage Advice Centre?
We offer a free initial consultation with no obligation on you to continue. If you like us and what we have to say (and we hope you do) then we can work together to find the most suitable mortgage solution for your needs and your budget.