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Choosing a mortgage

Choosing a mortgage may seem daunting. But with the right mortgage advice, your choice can be well-informed and appropriate for your needs.
Your Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will go through the recommended products with you in detail. However, you may wish to pay attention to the following
issues when you are listening to their explanation:

interest [...]

What types of mortgage are there?

The type of mortgage you choose may depend on:

your circumstances;
your loan to value ratio; and
your attitude to risk.

Repayment or Interest-only
Let’s get one thing straight. Just because a mortgage describes itself as “interest only” it does not mean that you will be let off repaying the capital! The expression simply means that [...]

Can mortgage advice really be independent?

Mortgage advice may be truly independent if your Adviser:

has access to the whole of the market;
is not tied in any way; and
discloses how he or she may be paid for giving the advice. For example, will the lender give your adviser a commission?

The whole of the market
If you are approached by [...]

Should I really buy a mortgage online?

If you shop for groceries, clothes or gadgets online, you may already be used to looking around the internet for guidance on what to buy and what may be a good deal.
But should you buy a mortgage online?
Finding the right deal
There are no two ways about it: getting a mortgage is a big deal. [...]

Remortgage tips

Are you thinking of remortgaging? If so, the following remortgage tips may help you on your way to the right deal for you.
Homeowners may decide to remortgage because they:

suspect that a better deal may be out there;
have come off a mortgage product and want to find the best product for the period ahead; [...]